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Jr. and I are so happy to hear from you.  Thanks for the thoughts.  Yes. it has been six months and we continue to grow and nurture the bond that we professed in Italy through your hard work.

You have been a god sent because of your pure honesty and reliability in your dealings with us.  Even with the distance you never waive your trustworthiness. You had that sixth sense in easily understanding our wish lists and  matching them.  Your patient was very remarkable especially during the week that we were there. You had executed every detail with professionalism and made the wedding and our stay seamless.  We treasure and love each moment. 

Thanks for the beautiful photos.  We can not  thank you enough for a very outstanding  job, without your help we will never have a seamless wedding.
Personally I have co-workers that have inquired about our wedding and definitely  will give them your name.
How’s your family doing?  How is business?   Wishing a very prosperous business and again a very BIG thank you!

Most of all you are most knowledgeable in the legal aspect of your service.  Take care and keep in touch.

Leilani e Hildo

giugno 2016 Civile a Tivoli

Hi Simonetta!

First of all thank you for all you did for us. We had a magical wedding! I see the pictures and I cannot believe we did it together. It was so beautiful! It is almost surreal to hear from others that our wedding was better than theirs. I’ve never heard that before . Thank you.

Ilya  & Michael

Meleto Castle symbolic ceremony july 2016

Simonetta is the absolute best! She walked my husband and I through all the steps and processes for getting married in Italy. We decided to go to non-traditional route and have a civil ceremony in Italy. There was a lot of paperwork both State side and Italy and Simonetta made sure everything went as smoothly as possible. 

Additionally she was our tour guide while we were in Rome and took us to many places that you would not see or view with a commercial tour guide. 

The wedding day was more than we could have ever dreamed of. Simonetta took into account that I am a  wedding photographer and knew that I would love  gorgeous views and photography opportunities on my wedding day. Between the small town hall, the gorgeous restaurant and the garden it was simply breathtaking. 

Whether you are in the United States or anywhere else and decide to have your wedding in Italy please book Simonetta.

Victoria e Thorrel

civil ceremony Tivoli October 2019 

Hola Simonetta.

Quería tomarme el tiempo para agradecerte por el día de ayer, fue maravilloso y tal cual lo que queríamos. De verdad gracias.

La elección de todo increíble, Kasia fantástica, las chicas del maquillaje también, Don Gerardo fue lo mejor, todo todo.

Gracias !!

Adriana e Alvaro

Matrimonio cattolico a Roma maggio  2022

Simonetta was the best wedding planner we could have asked for! When our previous planner we had been given for our venue canceled on us with very little time left to plan the wedding, I reached out to all the wedding planners I could find in Umbria for our destination wedding. Simonetta was the most responsive and was the only planner who confirmed availability with her vendors and estimated costs before asking us to commit. This was really important to us because we weren’t sure what vendors would be available on such short notice! Simonetta was incredibly organized and very communicative — she always told us exactly what we needed to do and on what timeline. We were able to have a wonderful chef, incredible band, amazing photographer, perfect flower arrangements and decorations, and so much more, all within our budget. Simonetta was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and help to move furniture and stage everything to be perfect for us. We had the most beautiful day we will never forget with the people we love most in the world! We will be forever grateful to Simonetta for helping us with our wedding day.

Natalia e Ian

symbolic ceremony – Umbria 26 Maggio 2022

Muchos años juntos y una historia juntos. Buscábamos celebrar una boda que fuera nuestra, a nuestra manera y como nuestra historia, que fuera única.

Contactar con Simonetta pasó como pasan las cosas buenas, fue una mezcla entre suerte, casualidad y buen instinto. Y no pudo ser mejor decisión. Captó y entendió lo que queríamos y lo que éramos desde el principio, a la primera, y enseguida supo cómo guiarnos y ordenar todas nuestras ideas.

Para nosotros era importante casarnos en Roma, fue un sueño construido entre los dos, que siempre nos pareció algo inmenso, inalcanzable. Dos viajes a Roma y nos enamoramos de la ciudad. Casi como un juego, empezamos a pensar que sería un sitio perfecto para casarnos, no parecía ir en serio, era un sueño. Pero gracias a Simonetta fue la boda perfecta.

Pero la experiencia no era sólo nuestra. Llevábamos a nuestra familia y tenía que ser especial para ellos también. Fue un viaje de 3 días que coordinamos con ella y que salió redondo.
Nuestra familia todavía se emociona al recordarlo, no creo que nadie lo olvide.

Fue especial, por nosotros, 14 años juntos y nos casábamos en el Foro de Roma, en la Ciudad Eterna, en un sitio muy especial. Fue especial, porque era la boda de nuestros sueños, única, perfecta, sencilla, diferente y llena de lo que somos nosotros. No había flores, ni tarta, ni música, nada salvo la verdad de dos personas que se juran amor en el lugar de sus sueños.

Gracias inmensas a Simonetta por hacerlo posible, por su cariño, lo gran profesional que es y por hacerlo todo tan fácil. Nada de esto habría sido posible sino hubiera sido por su buen hacer y su experiencia.

Ha pasado más de un año y fue tan grande que he sido incapaz de escribir la nota de agradecimiento que yo quería escribir, hasta ahora. Todas las palabras se quedaban cortas, lo que organizó fue más que una boda y una visita por Roma. Dio forma a un sueño y consiguió que pudiéramos hacerlo.

Fue la boda perfecta. No lo olvidaremos nunca.
Y nos llevamos más que eso, nos llevamos a una amiga, a alguien a quien llamar cuando volvamos a Italia.

Grazie mille, Simonetta.

ILeire y Aitor

street wedding in Rome 2 maggio 2022

I am a difficult and extremely demanding customer, and Simonetta was polite, professional and hard-working every step of the way. From the outset, we wanted a wedding of about 50 people (all from the US) to join us in Umbria for a magical 3 days. Simonetta had all the right connections, the best vendors, the most sound advice, and was a consummate professional.

Between complex demands, tight budgets, and a rainy forecast, Simonetta was able to roll with the punches and lead a phenomenal team to make the wedding of our dreams come true. Especially complex as we were not able to get to Italy before the wedding. She did it all!

On the day of the wedding, I had not a worry in the world. Simonetta and her team took care of every little detail, and allowed me the space to just enjoy the most magical day of my life.
Simonetta’s experience and determination made it all possible. We would not have been able to do it–not even close–without her. Cannot recommend her enough. Simonetta, you are a godsend. THANK YOU!

(photos by Fabio Mirulla, another of Simonetta’s wonderful recommendations)

Jordan and Brian

June 2023 Orvieto symbolic

Ho apprezzato molto la professionalità e l’efficienza di Simona e la disponibilità dimostrata nel saper ascoltare le mie esigenze e trovare le soluzioni migliori per metterle in pratica.
È sempre stata sorridente e rassicurante e mi ha fatto sentire di essere stata in «buone mani» quasi come fosse un’amica, sia per la durata dei preparativi fino alla conclusione dell’evento.

Katia & Stelvio

July 2019 cerimonia civile a Fiumicino -Roma

Simonetta is amazing. She made our wedding completely stress free. I can not recommend her enough. We had 15 people travel from all over the US. Simonetta scheduled everything for us. From transportation, booking the church, working with the venue and trips to the Vatican and coliseum.

I can’t explain how grateful I am for Simonetta for making our dream wedding become a reality.
If you are considering Simonetta for your special day. I can’t speak highly enough of her. You will not regret working with Intimate Italian Weddings.

Thank you Simonetta!
Gracias !!

Mariel e Mark

July 2023 Catholic Ceremony Rome

Me and my husband always wanted to have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy and, finally, this year the stars have aligned, and it happened!! What a wonderful, beautiful, magical wedding we had!

We met Simonetta for the first time back in 2016 when a couple of our best friends had their wedding ceremony in Tuscany. Everything back then looked very romantic and intimate, so as we looked around and interviewed wedding planners, she was already on top of the list. And we couldn’t be happier with our choice!! 😊

We live in New York. We were very late in planning an international wedding. We started talking about having one in December and signed a contract with Simonetta in January. Our wedding was set for the beginning of August, so the timing was very-very tight. However, knowing all the potential issues with such a limited time frame to plan a wedding, the shortage of available venues and vendors at this point, Simonetta took on the project and did a marvelous job!

Everything was exceptional: the venue, the florals, the catering, the video and photo teams! The ceremony was smooth, and everything was just so beautiful and excellent. Like, honestly, couldn’t be any better!!! I have to say, the communication with her was excellent! She was always on top of everything and replied within a day with long emails, always full of helpful information and suggestions which helped us a lot to make right choices and decisions.

We were very demanding but, also, tried not to go crazy with spending money. As a result, we had a champagne wedding on a prosecco budget! 😊 and that’s just because how good Simonetta was with finding right vendors always trying to negotiate a better deal for us. I must admit, there were times when Simonetta tried to talk us out of something but, once she understood that it was important to us, she went cross rivers and mountains to make it happen.

We are so grateful to Simonetta for creating and executing such a beautiful experience with memories that will last forever! There are no boarders or oceans between you and your fairytale Italian wedding if you have Simonetta to help you plan it! 😊

Misha & Billy

symbolic Ceremony Siena August 2023

Simonetta was incredible!

She helped me plan a surprise vow renewal for my wife months before I was leaving the US for Italy. It had a lot of moving parts and I am clueless….it went off flawless and would never have happened without her. Lovely person and went above and beyond to make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration a reality. Highly recommend her!

Craig and Megan

September 2023 Viterbo symbolic renewal vows

Eric e io ti vogliamo ringraziare di cuore per tutto quello che hai fatto per il nostro matrimonio. É stato un giorno spettacolare e non ce l’avremmo fatta senza di te. L’aiuto che ci hai dato con tutti i fornitori era indispensabile. Dall’evento del giovedì, fino al pranzo della domenica, tutti gli eventi sono stati meravigliosi. Ti ringrazio ancora

Ilaria e Eric

Giugno 2023 simbolico Castiglione del Lago