Simonetta Pollera, Wedding planner in Italy


Wedding planner in Italy

Simonetta Pollera, Wedding planner in Italy Based in Umbria
About me

My Story

I was born in Ethiopia, but as a child I grew up in Rome, a wonderful city for those who love art and history like me. I studied fashion and became a fashion designer. I also took diplomas in graphic design and interior decoration. To improve my cultural background I went on to graduate with a degree in the history of art and literature. I have traveled extensively during my university years and lived for over 10 years in the United States of America and Spain. During this time I gained further experience in interior decoration and, in supporting the work of my husband as a restaurateur in his restaurant.
Through undertaking such a wide variety of activities I have accumulated numerous qualities that allow me to move with ease in diverse situations.

Over time the aspects of my character, that I believe to be essential as a wedding planner, have been strengthened, listening attentively, empathy, taste for conversation, problem solving, creativity, organisational skills.
Living in a diversity of situations, places and cultures has influenced the way I imagine and create original environments. My taste for elegance and beauty, together with an education in design and culture allow me to make concrete and real what is currently only in your imagination.I love ice cream, especially from a particular place in Rome, talking about art and pampering my family including Nihal our 4-legged mascot.

WEDDING PLANNER IN ITALY: Simonetta’s experience

During this time I gained several experiences that led me to become an “Italian wedding planner”. I have been able to organize many ceremonies, especially “intimate italian weddings”.I have been able to collaborate with several professionals of the “perfect wedding ceremony”: photographers, video makers, catering companies, event organizers, and I have close relationships of profitable collaboration with hosts, special place operators, local administrations for the documents to be prepared for the ceremony.I have organized Italian civil wedding ceremonies, but also religious or simply symbolic marriages. As I’m a wedding planner in Rome I’m able to organize your wedding in Rome, but also your wedding in Tuscany (I’m also a wedding planner in Florence and not only there) or your wedding in Umbria, always trying to satisfy all the needs of future spouses.

But why should a couple trust me?

It’s simple, I offer my skills to create their idea by proposing the most suitable solutions for every occasioni. Thoughtful and attentive to specific requests and desires, I find the right solution based on the real possibilities of realisation in a given context, keeping the costs and the desired result very clear.The word impossible has always brought out the best in me; and patience especially to manage stress is one of my virtues.


Your wedding is an important event, contact me for free initial consultation and suggestions, if you like my advice we can go ahead with the organization.