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Simonetta Pollera, Intimate Italian Weddings. Wedding planner in italy based in Umbria
About me


Since I was a child, I have believed that the wedding day is a special occasion, as we don’t choose where to be born, but we can choose whom to share our life with. Your choice deserves to be shared and celebrated in the way and style YOU desire.

“Days are not remembered, but moments are”

Cesare Pavese

I like to think that I have been part of a precious moment for some of you.


The  job of the wedding planner is to help you bring to life the dream of your wedding day by creating a unique event. They guide you in selecting and planning every aspect and detail, alleviating all the stress it entails. This allows the couple to enjoy the joy and excitement of anticipation while the wedding planner takes care of every small detail that will make your wedding special Each ceremony is an event in itself characterized by the personality of the spouses.

Simonetta Pollera, Intimate Italian Weddings. Wedding planner in italy based in Umbria


  • LOCATION: Extensive selection of exclusive and impactful LOCATION, all carefully chosen to offer you various options for setting, capacity, and budget.
  • EXPERIENCE: Guarantee of a knowledgeable local person, a reference for all information regarding history, culture, cuisine, bureaucracy, and everything else you would like to know to feel at home in Italy.
  • SAVE TIME: Someone who allows you to save time among the many options of suppliers on the market by identifying and proposing from professionals in each sector only a selected range of options according to your priorities and preferences.
  • PRICE/QUALITY: Reliable intermediary to ensure all suppliers of goods and services offer the best value for money.
  • As a licensed  accompany tour, I can best advise you on what not to miss during your trip to Italy, introducing you to places, customs, and traditions, adding a special touch to your unforgettable wedding in Italy.

Simonetta Pollera
Italian Wedding Planner

Hello, I’m Simonetta, and I love being a wedding planner in Italy for three reasons that I am truly passionate about:

  • The desire to create beautiful and elegant situations. (I am a tireless creative.)
  • I love meeting different people (the most incredible resource for self-improvement).
  • I enjoy making others happy (and what’s better than helping couples organize their most beautiful day?)
“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

Napoleon Hill

This quote can describe my way of working: from imagining an event in its entirety with creativity and precision, I then tackle  every detail and challenge so that the entire event can be like a perfectly synchronized and unforgettable mechanism in its beauty and harmony.

About me

Hi Simonetta!
First of all thank you for all you did for us. We had a magical wedding! I see the pictures and I cannot believe we did it together. It was so beautiful! It is almost surreal to hear from others that our wedding was better than theirs?
I’ve never heard that before.
Thank you.

Ilya & Michael


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