Elegant same sex wedding in Umbria 

Jordan & Brian

In his first email Jordan wrote to me: “My partner, Brian, and I are looking to get married in Orvieto. I studied at university there and would love to start the next chapter of my life in the place where I first fell in love with art and history.

We are looking for a place for a small ceremony, just for family and a few close friends and relatives. The ideal would be to rent a villa or stay at the Hotel X, where I lived in 2007.

We live in New York City and could use help with everything: food, flowers, decorations, rent, music/bands, etc.”

From the type of hotel that J had indicated to me, it seemed like an informal and jovial event, but his description during the first call led in a completely different direction. From the first moment the couple’s primary attention was on every detail that could offer comfort and an unforgettable experience to their guests in the name of elegance and refinement. In particular, Jordan had a very clear vision of the type of atmosphere that had to be created for every moment of their stay in La Badia, one of the most evocative places not only in Orvieto, but in all of Umbria. It was an exciting event, and the weather which seemed not to have worked for the best result, instead allowed the couple to unexpectedly enjoy the covered spaces of the location and the beautiful outdoor views for the cake cutting.

B+J wedding highlights: 

Orvieto – Umbria – Hotel La Badia 
Ceremony: Symbolic ceremony, but with details of the Jewish ceremony as the couple was the first same sex couple officially recognised and married by the Jewish community of New York
Number of participants – 50 
Style: Elegant event in total black 
Important services Photographer, food, floral effects

Location: La Badia Orvieto
Catering: Apollinare Catering
Open Bar: Tumbler-in
Photographer: Fabio Mirulla
Flowers: Roberto fiori
Music & Lights: Dance Party
Make Up: Graziano Giommaroni
Hair Style: Innamaksimova

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