Street wedding in Rome

Leire & Aitor: A Symbolic Marriage Among the Streets of Rome

The marriage in the eternal city represents the culmination of Leire and Aitor’s desire to share their deep love for Rome with their family. Both have a profound attachment to the city; it is where their story reached a significant milestone, and it is the place where they decided to walk together towards the future. The fountain in Piazza della Rotonda in front of the Pantheon, in particular, holds a special meaning in their story, and they wanted it to be an integral part of this significant day. For them, what matters are not the traditional elements of weddings, such as decorations, banquets, music, and lights, but rather the essence of the city itself: its hidden history, its traditions, and its flavors, shared with their loved ones as the backdrop and witness of their love. Considering the absence of previous visits by family members to Rome and the limited time available, we created an event that took place among the streets of the city. My degree in art history came into play as I narrated anecdotes and stories to showcase corners of the city linked to love, telling tales of lovers or paying homage to the values of a wife and mother. We also made some changes to the planned route, both due to adverse weather conditions and to ensure that some of the main attractions that some family members wanted to see were not missed. The ceremony focused entirely on their story and their family, adapting some of the customs and parts of the rituals of ancient Rome. In the background, the Roman Forum provided the perfect backdrop for the climax of the day.

L+A wedding highlights:

Location: Rome
Photographer: Fabio Mirulla

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