Wedding Venues in Italy: Discover Your Dream Location


Wedding venues in Italy

Wedding Venues in Italy: Discover Your Dream Location

Your Dream Location

Just saying “I’m getting married in Italy!” already evokes landscapes, scenarios, colours, and aromas, but each region has its characteristics, its hidden treasures, its fragrances, famous and appreciated worldwide.

What’s the setting you prefer and envision perfect, for your intimate Italian wedding? The Coastline, with a sea view, or a view of the lake, historic towns or villages, the famous Tuscan countryside, perhaps surrounded by a vineyard? Maybe it’s better the real Italy, the less touristy one, but more authentic? In the wide range of wedding locations in Italy, at the beginning of the selection, focus on the area and the style that interest you the most.

What kind of venue do you imagine for your wedding in Italy? A castle, villa, a southern farmhouse, etc., or in a hotel in a city, countryside, or characteristic village.

Tell us about your dream location, and we will provide you with a prospectus of all the various solutions and the diversity of their characteristics for any part of Italy.

With our experience, we have selected the most elegant and charming structures. Each has peculiar details, furnishings that recall the tradition of that specific region and that will allow you to experience your wedding in an Italian atmosphere and scenario, but also in its fragrances and flavors.



Tuscany has such a peculiar atmosphere that, throughout its glorious history, it has never lost its charm. All options for wedding venues in Tuscany have been carefully chosen, aiming to capture the most beautiful landscapes, the characteristics of the territory, and local traditions, collaborating with professionals in every aspect starting from high-level catering. There are many wedding venues in Tuscany, a variety of scenarios and situations, and each one reflects the history and traditions of that specific village or small town. The symbolic ceremony can be celebrated in any private property. Just choose the scenario and perspective you prefer.


There are an incredible number of wedding venues in Rome: wonderful locations where you can create your event, regardless of the type of ceremony you choose. For a civil ceremony, Rome offers 4 situations, among which the most famous are the Campidoglio, the Roman Town Hall and S. Maria in Tempulo (Terme di Caracalla or Complesso di Vignola Mattei). For a Catholic ceremony, Rome, with over 900 churches, is the city with the highest percentage of buildings of great historical and architectural relevance in the world. If you want suggestions or have specific curiosities about weddings in Rome, such as some churches or places, contact us, and we will be happy to help you fully appreciate your choice. Simonetta is a graduate in art history and loves to talk about it, sharing her passion for this incredible city (leave a message for further information).



Umbria, located in the center of Italy, has the advantage of being easily reachable from Rome and Florence, and the new connection with Perugia’s international airport has given a new opportunity to discover this splendid region. The landscapes are beautiful and diversified, from the lake to the highest hills. It is also the land of St. Francis of Assisi with a marked religious imprint, not to mention its richness in both gastronomy and artisan arts. Some municipalities are proposing very interesting solutions to celebrate a civil wedding in unique contexts, while for the religious ceremony, it’s possible to discover sober Franciscan architectures that are small jewels with incomparable charm. Private structures, instead, offer the possibility of symbolic functions in the name of good taste and refined elegance.