The 3 most beautiful locations to get married in Umbria

Getting married in Umbria is the right choice for those looking for a place with the authentic Italian appeal

Umbria is one of the smallest regions of Italy. Located in the heart of the center of the peninsula it is famous for being the only region of peninsular Italy that has no external borders: this means that it has no access to the sea.

Due to the characteristics of its position, getting married in Umbria means having many enchanting locations with a strong medieval imprint, set in an almost entirely hilly landscape. Castles, medieval villages, eco-farmhouses built by renovating old farmhouses immersed in the countryside and luxurious villas just outside the most important cities or directly on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, are just some of the locations that anyone who decides to get married in Umbria will have available.

Umbria is also famous for being the birthplace to some of the most important saints of the Catholic church: St. Francis and St. Clare are in fact from Assisi, Todi instead gave birth to the famous poet and friar Iacopone, Santa Rita is from Cascia and, since we are talking about weddings in Umbria, we cannot fail to mention Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers who is celebrated in Terni. A very important Catholic presence, which will surely greatly influence your choice, especially if you wish to get married according to the ritual of the Christian ceremony or in locations with an elegant and sober Franciscan taste.

Umbria, therefore, thanks to its historical, artistic and naturalistic beauties, is one of the ideal destinations to organise the ceremony and the reception for one’s own wedding. Thanks to the experience of Simonetta Pollera, one of the Italian wedding planner specialised in the area, we try to give you with this article, some suggestions to present this still intact region, for creating a unique event, after that decide to get married in Umbria will not became only an option, but a wish.

Get married in Umbria: the dream wedding you are looking for

If you are looking for a romantic ceremony Umbria is the ideal place. In fact, you will be able to choose among the many luxury locations like ancient convents converted into hotels of great charm, ancient castles and country residences. If you really want to make your wedding day unforgettable you can also opt for a medieval-style wedding with ancient costumes, dances and traditional local dishes.

Perugia, Spello, Spoleto, Orvieto, Gubbio, Assisi, Bevagna, Montefalco and Terni, are just some of the cities where it is possible to find enchanting churches and unforgettable views. Among the many cities of art, the many small medieval villages and the natural beauties that this region can boast, Umbria condenses in its territory numerous special places to organise your wedding. But let us try to recommend below the 3 most beautiful locations to get married in Umbria.

1. A special wedding in Assisi

If you think of a location to get married in Umbria, you will probably immediately think of the natural scenery of the city of Assisi. The city of San Francis, in fact, is perhaps the one that best lends itself to the classical wedding catholic ceremony. The fact that the places in the city of San Francesco are particularly suitable for transmitting the true value of marriage is an inspiring theme, and gives to you and your guests a feeling of peace and tranquility.

The position of the city, set in the slopes of Mount Subasio, is very rich in structures, for the strong tourist demand, that can host the wedding banquets. Many of these can boast a breathtaking view over the entire Umbrian valley.

2. Terni, the land of San Valentino.

The romantic location par excellence for getting married in Umbria

Many are the couples who choose a winter wedding on the most romantic day of the year, Saint Valentine’s day, always the protector of lovers.

Every year, in February, the city of Terni comes alive with fairs and anniversaries. In particular, for the Feast of the Promise, hundreds of couples, coming from all over Italy and the world, go to the Basilica of Saint Valentine to seal their promise of love or imminent marriage.

This ancient feast descends from a legend according to which Valentino used to give a flower to all the young people who went to visit him in his garden, once two of them fell in love with each other, and their story was so serene and peaceful that many other couples wished to go to the Bishop in search of his blessing. Thus it was how it was established a specific a day of the year when couples of lovers went to visit Valentine for a general wedding blessing and traditional Saint Valentine’s day tradition has started .

If you are thinking of getting married in Umbria, in a winter month, you will also have a factor that could become interesting. A wedding venues in Italy in the low season, with the same quality, guarantees obviously more competitive prices.

3. Get married in the magical scenery of Lake Trasimeno

Legend has it that the nymph of Lake Agilla, madly in love with the beautiful prince Trasimeno, seduced him by dragging him into his waters which thus had his name. Beyond the legends, what is certain is, that the colours of lake, specially during the sunset, will wizard you. The same it happened to great poets and writers such as George Byron, Goethe, and Sthendal.

For a setting of serenity Lake Trasimeno is absolutely ideal, because the stretch of water, surrounded by pleasant hills, offers romantic horizons for elegant ceremonies. Thanks also to the splendid wide landscape and wonderful sunsets, the Trasimeno therefore offers an ideal setting for an outdoor wedding during the summer season in Umbria.

Many are the locations to get married in Umbria on Lake Trasimeno, from which you can choose: the luxurious castles, houses with panoramic views, and the beaches themselves, perhaps in one of the Trasimeno Islands which, once set up properly, becomes a setting for incredible weddings. Islands that you can also “reserve” for your exclusive wedding ceremony, which you can’t even see in the movies.

For those who decide for a civil ceremony, many of the municipalities have a very competitive and attractive wedding tax rate for non-residents compared to Tuscan municipalities for example. Therefore for those who do not want to put a burden on the budget due to purely bureaucratic costs, this is the ideal solution, also because the locations to celebrate the civil marriage are beautiful and with a strong historical character.

Do you still have any doubt? Contact Simonetta now to find out the best solution tailor-made for you to get married in Umbria!

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