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The Meaning behind a Wedding Dress

For a bride, choosing a wedding dress is an event in itself. Often, we dream of our ideal wedding dress from childhood, shaping this vision over the years, only to discover that at the moment of the final choice, that dream wedding dress fits poorly with the person we have become as we’ve grown up.

At least, this was my experience. After years of dreaming of wedding dresses with flowing skirts, lace, and embroidery; for color, I started with icy white then creamy ivory before moving on to bolder choices like scarlet red and cobalt blue. But when it came time to choose, I realized that none of these dresses truly suited me.

Each of us has our intimate vision for this important moment. There are choices to be made, but what I believe is most important is to believe and DECIDE TO BE the “princess” of the occasion for yourself above all. We can’t always turn the event we’ve planned into something surreal or magical; BE for a day exactly as you wish to be, simply by being yourself, even if you don’t always have the courage to show your true self to the world. Starting with this premise, your fantasies can wander in infinite dimensions, but the message from your inner self should be clear and unequivocal and should be the guiding thread throughout the scenario of your big day.

Wedding Dress: Bring Your Fantasies to Life

If you choose to follow your fantasies, your dress can harmonize with them and with that of your spouse. Together, you should be complementary to the vision and style you’re projecting. There are endless options to choose from, but what’s important is the complicity of the couple, united in a new romantic adventure of the nineteenth century or futuristically modern. Let your wedding planner suggest how to achieve perfect harmony between the style of the entire event setting and the wedding dress of your dreams.

Understanding the Dress’s Message

Sharp geometric lines, covered shoulders and arms, even with lace, give the impression of reserve, modesty, and strength, while a deep neckline, an ethereal veil, and a voluminous dress paint a sense of fragility and sweetness. Every wedding dress is designed with its own harmony and balance between volume and weight of the fabric, but the effect could clash with the bride if it’s not worn with the right posture and naturally. When you want to show some aspects of your personality, every detail can help in that intent, as if they were clues, and once the right dress is found, the decision will be immediate.

In conclusion, choosing a wedding dress transcends mere fashion; it’s a statement of individuality. As you embark on this transformative journey, let authenticity guide your steps, and may your dress be a testament to the beautiful complexity of your being.

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