The wedding dress and accessories

The bride’s dress is the main topic of  wedding conversation before and after the wedding day in Italy. Expectations are almost always very high by  the bride  and her relatives. Normally the  right model  is one in which the bride feels  herself comfortable  and wears it as if it is a normal every day suit and not for a very special occasion

No matter  if it’s a dress very rich in volume or in fabrics or  on the contrary a simpler model with  sober lines . The main thing is to feel in your shoes, wear it with all the fluency possible because this is what really  makes a beautiful shining bride. If you are looking for something special and unique, Simonetta has selected a range of high standard boutiques that can satisfy the most demanding expectations of Italian haute couture, ensuring the uniqueness of the models in order for you to realize the dress of your dreams. You can also complete your look by coordinating all the accessories in perfect and elegant taste for a Intimate Italian Wedding .

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