How to choose the best catering

One of the greatest Italy resources is  the good quality cooking, famous all over the world. The natural and cheerful atmosphere that always is a special guest  around the table of a full traditional Italian meal, the variety of flavors, the richness of fragrancy are an excellent choice to celebrate such an important event as a marriage. Good Italian food will not disappoint the expectations of your guests and we will be glad to show you the facets of our regional cuisine, and you could match the perfect menu for your wedding with  the support of specialized chefs working for catering or for particular restaurants.

Each caterer has its own prior idea on how  the perfect  wedding reception should be. Some of them prefer  an important buffet with an infinite variety of little temptations as appetizers and then a normal dinner even if with a first quality  ingredients, others on the contrary, choose the traditional main meal with different  courses each one with a plenty portion and  for the aperitif even with a rich variety of selections it has not to leave satisfied the guests, but  curious to sit on the table and enjoy the meal.

The reception can be more formal with an imperial table elegantly prepared, or a provision of more round tables  from 8  up to 12 seats,  with the effect more jovial, but still striking. In this case, the menu is traditional with a first course, main course and dessert. The wines are according to the menu. The decoration of the table is very important and completes the effect and atmosphere of the context in which it takes place on receipt.

One trend is to create more youthful and informal reception,(could be perfect in a garden) where guests can aggregate as they like in small groups enjoying every time different small dishes,  chatting and changing the company and the conversation between a plate and the other freely choosing from a rich and varied reinforced buffet.

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