Reception of the guests

The reception of the guests is important as the organization of the wedding day.

Organizing a wedding in Italy is not only a unique event for the bride and groom, but also for the guests involved in a stay full of emotions. To create a warm welcome equal if not superior to the expectations is one of the most challenging situations, and coordinating people with different times and mobility is a work of perfect synchronicity.

Not always the guests are staying only for the time necessary for the reception in its entirety, but there are moments before and after the event where guests need to be entertained. Normally stays range between 3 and 7 days and the activities vary. Excluding the wedding day and the timing of the trip, a time to share with all the guests could be a welcome party that may be organized as an informal dinner, a brunch on the day before the event or a formal breakfast buffet on wedding day but do not over-do it or people risk getting tired on the afternoon of the reception. Another situation if the guests remain after the ceremony, is an informal farewell dinner the day after. For a longer stay, depending on the season and where the event will be, it would be nice to propose activities in which guests are free to participate, varying according to the interest or curiosity they want to satisfy. You can offer exploratory trips of surrounding places and its main curiosities, such as cultural diversion, the tasting of typical products, a visit to selected wineries, shopping tour in laboratories and workshops features, mini cooking classes up to sports of different kinds.

Every single region of Italy has its own treasuries to discover, it will be exciting  find them and create the options list  to propose. Contact us to easily explore all the possible fun and original ideas suited specifically for your guests.

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