An all-inclusive Wedding Package or tailor-made planning ?

The first contact between a wedding planner and a bride is very brief.

Precise, full answers should allow future spouses to reduce the circle of wedding planner candidates in order to hire the most reliable person.

What can you offer me  with an all-inclusive Wedding Package and how much will it cost ?

These are the two crucial questions of couples who are trying to compare the various packages on offer.

Sometimes no reference is given to the kind of ceremony and reception they would like; when, where and for how many people, what type of style the location must have which then in turn determines the whole layout of the wedding. Other questions to consider concern weddings abroad where the spouses are non-resident in Italy. The logistic requirements all add to the planning especially if we also consider the needs of the guests. As a matter of fact they are not always willing to rent cars or take public transport to travel long distances from the airport.

The possibilities are indeed endless so how can a wedding planner identify the true needs of the couple ?

It is possible to offer structured packages for very small weddings with basic services but normally these are for clients for whom the details are not as important as being able to get married abroad, in a foreign, and often regarded as exotic, location.

With the decision to get married abroad in Italy, it makes sense to choose an all-inclusive package as the fewer surprises, at what is already a busy time, the better. It follows naturally that this is the riskiest option for a bride. It is therefore of paramount importance that the bride communicates her vision without overlooking the smallest detail so that the wedding planner can really provide a successful outcome in line with the traditions of the place chosen for the ceremony.

The safest solution even for those unforeseen expenses is to have a clear idea of what you would like. If the couple are unfamiliar with Italy they should ask advice from their wedding planner on how to create the type of event in mind. It is then up to the wedding planner to propose different solutions with different levels of quality and of course price. From these preliminary conversations, the couple can get a sense of who they would work best with, and who understands their vision by offering them a solution that is within budget.

In this way a an all- inclusive Wedding package can be created and modelled according to the needs and desires of the couple. Only if the couple share not only the basic information required but also the full details can the wedding planner, with her knowledge and contacts, offers possible, and awesome solutions, shaped according to the couple’s wishes.

Can we call the final result a bespoke package ? Yes, I would like to think so.

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