The Wedding Planner Abroad

A guide and reference to better appreciate the full beauty of the territory; its art, history, landscape, culture and traditions.

Hiring a wedding planner in Italy means that a professional adviser and manager is required to oversee everything pertinent to the marriage such as the event and the ceremony whether civil, religious or symbolic. When you decide to get married abroad this figure takes on an even greater role with an increased amount of tasks.

During the first part of the consultation where the search for the perfect location takes places, the wedding planner’s knowledge of the territory is undisputedly important as it highlights all its facets which is something that a foreigner can hardly identify in a short vacation. This importance also doubles when the couple has never visited the area and their decision to have the wedding ceremony in Italy is dictated purely by an imaginary vision which sometimes does not correspond to reality. In this case a wedding planner abroad has a fundamental role.

Each region and each city has its own characteristics and for this reason the wedding planner must advise which particular part of the area best reflects the couple’s expectations. The choice of the menu, the entertainment on offer or the wedding favors the couple want to offer their guests are strictly connected to the resources of the territory and are not wholly to underline an event with an Italian theme. Even the fact of making the couple and their guests part of the history of a specific venue or some traditions of a particular village rather than another can make the whole wedding party aware of celebrating something truly unique and so far removed from a typical wedding in their own country.

For this reason, the skills of a wedding planner abroad, who knows the territory are important because they allow for the addition of those exclusive features within the event and at the same time provide the couple with information that will really grant them with an appreciation of all the riches and beauty of the selected location.

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