Bride and groom transportation and guests transfer for a wedding in Italy

For the wedding day transportation of the bride to the ceremony location and then transfer to the place of the banquet should go in line with the style and tone of the whole wedding. You can opt for the classic and romantic carriage, or choose the car in a wide range of vehicles from the most modern to the old or just with a retro touch. You may choose a more youthful and informal  look as the 500, or even a wasp or a bicycle, what matters is how this means of transport has to be integral part of the image that you want to give at important  moments in between, during the day.

As transport for a wedding does not mean only a car for the bride and groom, but also for foreign guests who come from afar the transfer must be considered and not only for the wedding day but throughout their stay, starting from the arrival at the airport to the departure. It can be also used for special excursions such as a day tour for the countryside or in a small town with Fiat 500 or Vespa or small minibuses  for bigger groups.

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