The hairstyle and makeup

The hairstyle is the natural completion of the choice of the dress. It is important for a good  balance of volume and style according to the physical characteristics of the bride. The hair color is also very important to give light and reflections to the entire hairstyle, therefore not always what is good for a dark-hair has the same effect for a blonde or for those with red hair and vice versa (for more informations, please contact our Italian Wedding Planner).

Normally a  bride looks very ethereal, soft, fragile, never excessive or of harsh forms. Hairstyles can be of a very complex structure, but only if it doesn’t seems a demonstration of virtuosity for a hairdressers competition.

Often accessories accompany the hairstyle. It could be the classic brides veil, which can be removed after the wedding ceremony, the fresh or silk flowers resting gently almost by accident or twisted strands in a bucolic composition. There may also be strings of pearls or crystals randomly embedded between long hair to give more light strokes to the entire face. 

Opting for very radical change of color and hair cut just ahead of the wedding I do not think is the best choice, because as always after a strong new look it takes a few days to accustom ones self. Therefore to add more tension at a time of strong emotions, perhaps it is not advisable.

Experiment on whether to opt for a natural and voluminous hairstyle before, maybe with a few strands “rebel” or more sober and discreet, it would be as fun as when you played grown up as a child in front of the mirror. But once you have chosen the type of hairstyle entrust a professional for the final solution that will make the most of your idea.

As for the makeup a natural effect is the most suitable one. You can load more in the case of an afternoon wedding with evening reception, but you should not use too strong contrasts, unless you want to recall (but not too much) the color of a flower in the hairstyle or the bouquet, of primary importance for all the leitmotif of the event.

Prices may vary depending on the treatments and services you choose, if you want a quality makeup and hairstyle service, Simonetta can present sector professionals to create a look suitable for a perfect Intimate Italian Wedding near the site of the event unless you know one of trust.

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