Invitations and favors: details of the wedding

Invitation and favors are the beginning and the end of your event, you should  take care of them

The invitation is not just an exhortation to your relatives and friends to participate and share with you a very important moment, but it is also your way to introduce them in the manner you want to celebrate it. Simonetta, italian wedding planner, with her experience in the world of graphics can help you to speak in a language that is not written, but of sensations suggesting and introducing the event to whom you desire to participate.

If the invitation is the front door for the guests, at the end of a marriage in Italy it’s custom to gift sugared almond (it. confetti), or a small gift, just to say thanks for being there, to have been part of  an important  moment and this little present is  to remember it. With Intimate Italian Weddings you will be accompanied in choosing the right detail representing the dominant theme throughout the marriage, whether it’s a colour, a flower etc. 

To create a good effect it is important to coordinate all the details such as invitations, the ceremony program, the menu, the guests tableau, thanks card, favors or the “bomboniera”.
We can decide together the graphic style and the image you want to offer, from the most elegant and sober to the younger and informal and rustic, if the idea is for a wedding in the country style setting. At the moment as a modern concept of communication someone prefers to send the invitation by e-mail, but it could be nice donate a simple present with few words to say thanks for the guests that are going to share a moment so important for you, no counting that having the wedding in Italy means to spend more than the single moment of the ceremony and the celebration with you. In the case of an italian civil wedding ceremony, besides, pay attention to all the documents you need

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