An original idea for the wedding vows

The wedding vows are a commitment to take care of the partner and to share with him / her the good times but also the turbulent storms.

Sometimes if the speech has not been written by the couple themselves, as time goes by, it seems a symbolic part of a predetermined rite and spouses involved in the joy of the celebration leave  it aside not realizing that on those promises they  build the bond and strength that will keep them united in the difficult moments.

So why not renew them with a written promise that will be delivered the day of the first anniversary and then if the idea is liked, write it again for the following years? Maybe every time with some variations just to  renew the commitment, and to be more connected with the current phase of the couples life. It must be a promise and a verification of what has been done and what still needs to be learned to share and build together every day, the desire to remind how in different ways they want to stay close and share their lives.

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