The Wedding Cake

The cake is the final official moment of the whole event; guests are already tired and full, so like any dessert at the end of a meal, it must intrigue, captivate, and then satisfy the sense of taste in its fullness without being excessive or heavy. Therefore, the choice must be made not only from a decorative point of view but also from a taste perspective.

The first decision to make is the covering

Classic whipped cream or those covered in sugar paste according to the American style?

Classic one-tier wedding cakes are the “old-fashioned” ones made with sponge cake filled with cream and covered with whipped cream, but they still retain their charm. Cream cakes are genuine, light, and made with ingredients that are part of the Italian tradition. You can choose the flavor of the sponge cake, the cream, and all the decorations. These cakes can be ordered at any pastry shop.

Sugar paste cakes are beautiful; they are part of the American and Anglo-Saxon tradition, filled with buttercream, a rather caloric but absolutely delicious cream. However, you can ask your pastry chef if they are willing to compromise with a lighter taste by following the classic Italian cream recipes. Sugar paste is a moldable paste used to create fancy coverings in various colors, three-dimensional decorations, and various shapes. These cakes can be purchased at bakeries that make them or directly from cake designers.

Another highly requested cake is the mille-feuille. Simple in decoration and very fresh, it is always an elegant choice and greatly appreciated for its lightness.

For any doubts, Simonetta will be happy to help you so that the final choice is the right one to celebrate your wedding in the style of an Intimate Italian Wedding.


Wedding cakes can be decorated in many different ways. You can use simple dots, ribbons, lace (real or in sugar paste), or create a ruffle cake, made up of overlapping frills, a cake that has recently become very fashionable. Flowers are certainly the classic decoration for wedding cakes, from real ones, perhaps in contrast with a neutral background or perfectly in color with the rest of the cake. Painted flowers or those made with sugar paste are also very beautiful, identical in every way to real ones, except that they can be eaten or kept as a memento of your special day.

Choosing the Flavour

Once the aesthetic aspect has been defined, the most important choice remains: what flavor should the cake have? The variety of creams is very vast, but we can divide them into three basic categories: those with a fruity flavor, those heavier with cream, and those based on chocolate.

Although the dessert should surprise, it is always better not to overdo it in heaviness or richness of flavors, as it is still the final element of a rich meal. Depending on the decoration you choose and the flavor of the cake, the price can also vary greatly, which is why it is important to find the right compromise between aesthetics and goodness.

Cost Containment

For those looking for a compromise between scenic effect and costs, there is a way to save money. Lately, to make the dessert moment less predictable and more dynamic, it is customary to have a buffet of mixed desserts served alongside the classic wedding cake. In this case, the cost of the cake decreases considerably because the pastry chef can create a multi-tiered structure where only one tier contains the actual cake, the one that can be eaten. The rest is created by covering plexiglass supports with sugar paste. From an aesthetic point of view, you won’t lose anything; in fact, you will save a bit!

Before making the final decision, taste the fillings you prefer, explain clearly and in detail how you want your cake to be, seek advice from your trusted pastry chef, perhaps by seeing their previous work, and then find the right balance between shape, type of cake, cream, decoration, weight, and price!

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