Lights & Music for your Italian wedding party

Choose the right lights and music to create the atmosphere and the perfect soundtrack for your Italian wedding party.

Our senses of sight and hearing are the ones that allow us to better tune with the environment in which we find ourselves and we transmit a state of serenity or discomfort.

Lights for your Italian wedding party

During the day they have a fairly marginal role due to the fact that it all depends on the weather, lights become paramount in the evening.

The lights warm and set the mood, must not be too few to not give a subdued tone to the event, but not too loud, except when dancing, to not miss the romantic and solemn effect.

Candles and torches are always a winning choice location and season permitting and the arrangement and the amount has to go in line with the style of the whole decoration.

If you opt for a more modern effect the games of light may be the most diverse for the time of the banquet and for the party after dinner.

Every Italian wedding venue has its own charme; the perfect lights and music effect underlines it making the event a magic moment. Ask your Italian wedding planner to suggest the best options depending if you are considering  wedding venues in Umbria, wedding venues in Rome or a fascinating wedding in Cortona.

Entertainment: the right music for your a wedding party

Every professional filmmaker knows that the soundtrack is one of the most important aspects to tap into the mood of the viewer.

Music is emotion, and the right song, the right background can make us perceive the same setting in a completely different way, so it’s for the bride and groom to convey to their guests the rhythm at which they want to celebrate their wedding; the most touching moments during the ceremony to the most jovial of the party.

Music is a very personal matter, and must identify the personality of the couple, but usually weddings gather people with very different tastes and age and we need to find a compromise so that the guests also feel involved and rejoice in the music that will be the soundtrack during all the event.

Therefore if you are not sure, take some advice and consider that the music most suitable for a wedding are jazz, swing, classical music and pop music.

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