10 Tips for the perfect bridesmaid

The  emotion can play tricks during the wedding day.

A small forgetfulness  at the last-minute can raise the tension,  the rule of  the maid of honor is to keep the tone down and behind the scenes be sure that all these small details will not  lead the bride  in a panic.

Here are some helpful tips by Simonetta Pollera, Italian Wedding Planner.

  1. It can be fun if nothing has been done before, to organize an intimate and light dinner with the closest people  to the bride to relax her a little bit from the expectations of the big day, giving in case of long-standing and close friendship, a fun scrapbook with some photos before the marriage and a part ready to be used for the new life; with notes on trips, parties and past events and possible  or impossible future programs, depending on the ironic or formal tone you want to give to the whole.
  2. Investigate discreetly if the bride believes or has pleasure to follow the costume of something new, something old and something blue, and possibly help her find the right details to follow the tradition.
  3. Find out some anecdotes to relax the situation during the Getting Ready, unless the bride expresses the desire to be  alone in these moments.
  4. In case there are parts of the ceremony in which witnesses are to read or participate in, make sure that everyone remembers its own role.
  5. Be sure that there is a second pair of emergency stockings for the bride just in case.
  6. Bring with you makeup and lipstick set for the  bride in case she wants to rearrange during the day, unless the bride has already organised her own little purse.
  7. Be aware regarding who will take care of  the wedding rings and possibly the preparation of the bearing rings, so that all  is already set during the bride getting ready.
  8. Organise with the wedding planner a funny moment after the ceremony, throwing rice or petals to the couple
  9. Think a little bode speech to the bride and groom to be pronounced  during the reception, in accord with the witnesses by the groom and  parents of the couple.
  10. If the departure of the couple is scheduled after the reception, be informed of where and how to place luggage so you could help the bride if she needs help to change herself before departing.

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