Colours are the key word for fashionable Intimate Italian Weddings 

“It was the most beautiful wedding” is the comment at the close of a wedding that determines its success; and the selected colours  palette is the key word for the trendier Intimate Italian Weddings. 

Many are the components that form a successful wedding: starting with the emotional aspect and then its style – could be amusing, relaxing or romantic, indispensable, a touch of refined elegance and harmony in every detail. The colour selection for all the details of the event is the thread that guides the eye of the beholder creating a perfect picture.

Once the spouses have selected the type and style of their ceremony, the choice of colours will play a central role in harmonising and rendering every moment of the marriage in Italy into a pleasurable event, right up to the cutting of the cake and the gift of almond sweets to family and friends (bonboniere).

The bride may wish to underline a particular part of the ceremony, emphasising with the colours some particular spots of the setting. However the chosen colour scheme should not be abandoned and the predominant colour should be maintained.  These touches give the uniqueness to a ceremony, but if the colour scheme is not adhered to, the risk is to give the appearance of participating in diverse events depending on the moment. Without the harmony of colour one loses the elegance of the whole and if the colours are too strong or too diverse one from the other the guest will feel disorientated instead of being impressed.

The perfect colour

Now let’s look at the pallet of colours: single colour or two colours with warm or cold tones is a very personal choice.  Let your wedding planner helps you in this basic choice as she surely has more experience in this field to create the effect that you have in mind, or dreamed of for your wedding. She will also help you choose the colour scheme consonant with the location and style you select for the event.

An example is the choice of black, which would be effective in wedding in a historical villa in Tuscany and rather gloomy or mournful in a medieval castle. The colours selected for the decorations should balance the light infused into the location. Another example is a lot of gold in a country town in Tuscany, which could be quite out of place in a simple rural setting, were as, the right selection of colours with a little gold could be surprisingly effective. 

A wedding in Rome for example would be suitable with selection of pastel tones, so loved in the baroque period, a style of many Roman churches, or very decisive colours loved by Romans in the Renaissance period.  You have a vast choice of colours to choose from for your wedding day to be a very special Intimate Italian Wedding.

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