Wedding in Cortona: a good choice

Have you ever thought of getting married abroad? Wedding in Cortona offers a wonderful reason

Wedding in Cortona is an opportunity and we explain the reasons.

Who says yes is because they want it to be something special, and completely out of the daily life in any sense. The options are the entire world, and any country has its beautiful landscape, culture and traditional food. 

So why should you choose to have your wedding in Cortona (Italy)?

Because here you can find a mixture between the surroundings and the culture that is magic and unique.

Let’s see in the specific.

Wedding in Cortona - Landscape 2
Wedding in Cortona - Landscape 1

What are the main things that convert a wedding in Tuscany a unforgettable event?

Wedding in Cortona: the venues, the food, the service and most of all the good company.

Cortona is a little village on the top of the hill overlooking  Val di Chiana and beyond with the charming character of the Tuscan countryside, but at the same time has a lot of story to tell, starting from the ancient etruscan civilization.

It’s very close to many famous little tuscan towns like Siena, Arezzo, Florence or villages like Montepulciano, Pienza or Castiglione del Lago.

Cortona is on the border line with Umbria that still is not as famous in the world like Tuscany but has so much to give and has  yet to be discovered.

Definitely your guest will not have time to be bored if they like to go around exploring little enchanting corners where to relax before and after the wedding day, or making exclusive shopping in one of the most prestigious little Italian shops of artisan products of leather, ceramics, jewelry, art, fabrics, food delicatessen

Good people, food and wine, arts and hospitality

For your wedding in Cortona you can find spectacular venues with all the elements that permit you to stay comfortable enjoying at the same time the allure of the antic and simple Italian country style still preserved (see also other wedding venues in Italy)

The friendly and good character of the local people are famous all around the world and the hospitality is so warm and cozy that it makes you feel at home. You can always ask Simonetta where the perfect ambience could be for the atmosphere you want for your Intimate Italian Wedding.

One of the most famous qualities of Italy is its cooking tradition.

It’s not  necessary to introduce the variety of its product that permit to have a wedding meal of primary order, but also during all the long staying you and your guests will be perfectly delighted with this delicious tasting often accompanied by a very good bottle of wine

We can’t forget the major thing of all, the good company.

When you are getting married abroad not all friends and relatives can follow you.

Wedding in Cortona: an opportunity for a short staying

The invitations are reduced and normally the selection goes in the direction of the most beloved parents and friends, making  the wedding not only a special and precious one day moment, but an unforgettable short holiday with the closest people to you and most of the time are persons you are not so lucky to see every day in the normal busy life.

For a very good recipe the quality of the ingredients are the primary importance and Cortona offers a wide but at the same time high standard options for any details for an unforgettable wedding that it is impossible not to consider it. 

Are you still thinking where to get married abroad? Wedding in Cortona is an opportunity!

For further information please contact Simonetta Pollera, italian wedding planner

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