Wedding hat - intimate italian wedding

“The hat” : how to seduce and have fun in a wedding

The hat is an extraordinary accessory, in any daily, official or formal event, is always visible from all its angles, features and shapes.

For example at the royal marriage between Prince Harry and  the beautiful Megan surely the most discussed, seen and fathomed over in every smallest detail, by the entire world media world, were the hats.  Every female guest wore one and who received the most attention of  the press wore it with greater or less ease.

“Choosing the perfect hat that suits ones personality, requires the same meticulous attention and ruthless critical sense that are normally used in the selection of a dress: much more than a simple accessory to show off with ease, the red dot of any outfit that is respectable, it is in fact a real double-edged weapon, able to embellish an outfit as well as to destroy it, sometimes becoming even ridiculous.”

(Daniela Raspa)

Hats for an outdoor event like a wedding in Umbria, or like a wedding venues in Rome could be especially indicated for the bridesmaids, or even the bride herself.  The selection of a hat,  interesting, highlights  the personality of who wears it. Colour and shape are important for the wearer, but above all the way it is worn can focus all the attention towards an intriguing and mysterious gaze. A woman’s gaze from under the brim of a hat can have or show the strength of her personality, but also the most hidden femininity. Sometimes just a moment  is enough to be captured by her gaze and a new marriage is in the wind in Italy (For any suggestions or proposals you can contact our wedding planner based in Italy, Simonetta Pollera)

Ah! dearest love, sweet home of all my fears, 

And hopes, and joys, and panting miseries, – 

To-night, if I may guess, thy beauty wears 

A smile of such delight, 

As brillinat and as bright, 

As when with reavished, aching, vassal eyes, 

Lost in soft amaze, 

I gaze, I gaze! (John Keats )

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