4 good reasons to decide to get married in Tuscany

All the reasons that make you decide to get married in Tuscany

The wedding day is, for the majority of the people, the most important day of their lives. Consequently those memories will accompany the couples forever, and it is important that the entire event would be organised perfectly under every aspect. This is exactly what it happens when you decide to get married in Tuscany. If you don’t believe it, then we recommend reading this article where, we try to find out which are the good reasons to get married in Tuscany thanks to the experience of Simonetta Pollera, one of the most popular wedding planners in Italy, who will suggest the best solution tailor made for you.

The “Tuscan wedding”: a dream wedding that comes true

Surely one of the most exciting moments during the organisation of a wedding in Italy concerns the choice of the location. Choosing the right place is a decisive factor in making your reception unforgettable. And among the areas that Italy offers, definitely Tuscany, with its landscapes that seem to come directly from a fairy tale, offers a wide variety of places for those who wish to swear each other eternal love.

Getting married in Tuscany means being able to choose between many types of settings, so different between them, that you will surely find the one that fits perfectly for you. 

Getting married in Tuscany means being able to choose between:

  • experience the return to rural life, enchanted by the surrounded vineyards and olive groves;
  • the joy of living the relaxed style of life of an old but charming and picturesque farmhouse,
  • take advantage of one of the many splendid Tuscan villas for wedding venues and ceremonies, get the chance to marry in the presence of splendid works of famous art or hidden jewels of architecture unknown to most,
  • have the possibility to organise real exclusive receptions.

Tuscany is the cradle of art, so you should get married here if you love art

Tuscany has always been a land that has hosted important weddings. The cradle of the Renaissance, with its important and recognised monuments and works of art that gave birth to many of the most important Italian artists, has in fact always been one of the favorite places for couples to say “Yes, I do.“.

Many famous couples have chosen this land to get married: not only get married in the splendid Florence but also in Siena thanks to its splendid Piazza del Campo, in the beautiful and provincial Lucca with its majestic walls or in smaller but equally fascinating villages such as the splendid Cortona or the magnificent Montepulciano.

Getting married in Tuscany: the wines and the local culinary culture are an appetizing and captivating good reason

Organising a “Tuscan wedding” also means sharing with your guests real delights for the eyes but above all for the palate. A task that the delicacies and authentic flavors of local products will be able to perform very well thanks to a wide selection of meats, including finocchiona, excellent cheeses, such as pecorino di Pienza, or thanks to famous high-quality piece of meat for steak world wide famous like the prestigious Florentine steak. And what about the delicious desserts? Local patisserie is enriched by almonds and nuts, but professional cake designers will be able to prepare every typical Italian wedding cake.

Everything will be enriched combining it with prestigious local wines known throughout the world. In fact, when we talk about Tuscany, precious and unique qualities such as Brunello di Montalcino come to our mind; and we can simply imagine of tasting the Nobile di Montepulciano wine, or the famous reds of Chianti or the white wine of Pitigliano or the Vernaccia from San Gimignano.

Sea, countryside and gentle Tuscan hills

Tuscany occupies a part of the territory that goes from the Apennines to the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Central part of Italy. Inside it is therefore possible to find all types of landscape: from the mountainous to the hilly one, in particular in the province of Siena and Florence, over beside to the coastal landscape of Grosseto, Livorno and Lucca area that overlook to the Tyrrhenian Sea, not before having crossed portions of Mediterranean scrub.

Among these locations, however, we would like to suggest that you organise your reception in the Tuscan countryside: vineyards and valleys that extend over the hills creating carpets of enchanting colours, particularly in the Val d’Orcia, or in the green countryside of the Chianti or in the rolling hills of the Val di Chiana, this is an amazing and ideal way to leave your guests speechless.

Getting married in Tuscany: medieval villages, old and charming farmhouses or Tuscan villas?

Tuscany is a perfect postcard location for dream weddings, with its medieval villages and picturesque villages, little pearls that take you back in time. Rich lands with Renaissance palaces, castles and historical estates that, for their beauty, represent sought after places chosen by so many couples to live the most beautiful day of their life. Scattered in these scenarios rise elegant villas and estates, places out of the ordinary, immersed in the silence and surrounded by the scents of nature that offer extraordinary glimpses, breathtaking views and priceless landscapes. Perfect settings for making albums and photo shoots worthy of a fabulous reception.

If you’ve read so far… What are you waiting for? Contact Simonetta immediately to organise your “Tuscan wedding”!

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