The flowers and the Bouquet

The flowers are the most romantic aspect of the wedding decor and to complete the look of the bride.

The floral decoration animates and warms the scenario in which it takes place throughout the event. If the venue itself has a  full furnishing and the exterior has a spectacular scenario, the  flowers can also be just a detail, while in situations with a more sober and nude architecture, deciding to  complete with a more loaded decoration can give a personal touch  and transform it in a cozy ambience.

You can organize in such a way  that the flowers have the main role in any moment of the  wedding day or decide to put them only in certain places for a touch of freshness and naturalness, just to highlight the area of the ceremony, the entrance, the benches or just the altar. For the area of the refreshment it works in the same way. You can decorate the tables with cascades of flowers or just a few spaced as centerpiece.

There is therefore a wide range of options like dimensions and shape of vases and the  volumes of the composition with a big variety of colours, style and scent.

The importance of color.

If an theme has not yet been identified, it could  be interesting to start by deciding the colours. A  monochrome effect, more elegant and romatic and consequently  play only on shades of a single colour or, combine two or three colors  with a more joyful and warmer style as a reference on which to coordinate the rest.

How to choose  the bouquet.

The choice of flowers for the bouquet is usually made according to the line of the dress, the silhouette of the bride, the color of her hair and the main theme of all the decorations for the event, without forgetting to check the availability according to the season. Do not forget that the same main flower will be used for the groom botonier and it will be recalled in all decorations for the event.

Some flowers lend themselves more to an elegant style, and  others for a more country – rustic or informal situation, meanwhile to complete the composition it is possible to add ribbons or  large quantities of leaves  and this makes  a distinguishing feature of your Intimate Italian Wedding.

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